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Monday, November 21, 2011

Looking for canvas....

First let me explain a little something... I AM A "FABRICHOLIC"! Somewhere in these tubs I have some cotton canvas and I am determined to find it as my dear husband wants to make a pressing board for me as a Christmas gift. So I've pulled all these tubs out of the corner so that I can go through them and find said canvas.
BUT WAIT....  the above picture isn't ALL of the tubs....
There.. now that is all of the fabric "in" tubs... we won't talk about the fabric that's actually IN my sewing room. Keep in mind that this is a 6+ year accumulation from working at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I know that I really MUST get to using this up and have no need or reason to buy anymore in my life time. These tubs are mostly apparel and upholstery fabrics the quilting fabrics live in my sewing room and they are actually getting used.

Perhaps today as I am going through these I will decide to purge the fabric that I come across that makes me say... "WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING WOMAN?" I'm sure I could find someone to take them off my hands... Thank God for Freecycle! But I may not do that just yet as I do want to sew some time today and that could take days to accomplish.

I better get started!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours...have fun sewing and crafting...

  2. I just thought I had a stash....boy, you put me to shame even claiming I have one. You go, girl.......sewing for ages, and ages, and ages.....:)

  3. Lol! Becky I'm a fabricholic too and also a yarnaholic!!!
    I saw this term used on an Ebay listing of yarns for sale...SABLE. (Stash acquisition beyond life expectancy)As I'm now 60 that statement is probably true so like you, I'm planning some serious 'de-stashing' but it's hard!

  4. I just swooned a little with jealousy...oh to have even one of those tubs.....

    I cannot bring myself to buy fabric for some reason (frugality and my rather new acquaintance with sewing probably being factors). I wanted to make an apron last weekend and had only two fabric options. I went with the brown with leaves from Jo-Anns which my mother bought me for my birthday.

    See, my mother on the other hand is a fabricaholic. She is coming down next weekend and I think is going to share some of it with me! Hooray!

    I hope you find it and happy sewing!


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