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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Mowing - photo heavy

After our last visit up to our 10 acres we decided that we had better get started on mowing it back to open fields before we loose it all to woods. So we loaded up the truck and headed through Columbia to get to the North side.
A view of our Capital City of Columbia from West Columbia; you can see the State House near the center. It's the one with the copper dome. And since we were crossing over a bridge with a nice view of the Gervais Street Bridge I took a couple photos of it as well.

A friend of ours calls this "the pretty bridge" and she is SO right. I wish I had been able to get photos of it tonight on the way home with all the beautiful old lamps lit. They were originally gas lamps and the thought of a man walking the bridge each night to light them brings a warm fuzziness to me.
This is a photo of Scott preparing to start his Gravely tractor; you can see how over grown the front field has gotten. It took him awhile to cut a path through the center and around the perimeter but once he had that done he could go around with a good bit more ease.
And OFF HE GOES.....

This was me... sitting, knitting and Supervising.
Making some progress....
OOPS... he caught me with my feet up.
I decided to walk around where he had all ready mowed and took so more photos from different vantage points.
Pine Forrest trying to take over

"The Driveway"

From the bottom of "the driveway"

From the Upper Corner by the Preacher's House - GIANT BECKY!
Of course I had to take some photos of things that caught my eye as well...

Old Fence posts...
The beautiful Carolina Sky

Gum Balls on a Blue background

Sometimes the beauty is in the shadow alone.

Weed seeds

Wicked Thistle!
And the best part was when Scott would hit one of these with the mower and give out an evil chuckle...

And finally the sunset as we came back across the river from Columbia; looking back towards the Children's Museum...


  1. What great photos. Looks like hard work all that mowing. Like your idea of supervising :-)

  2. Lovely Property you have! Soon you will be building your dream home and both of you will be setting on the porch with feet up..:)
    thanks for the photo's they are lovely

  3. Beautiful pictures! Gotta love the fire ants getting theirs! I showed my husband the tractor picture and he knew right away it was a Gravely. It brought back memories of his teen years when he worked for a landscaper. Love the fence post -- things like that always catch my eyes too. And of course the gum tree -- hubby spent a lot of hours trying to clean the mess from one at my friend's house. I think I saw an ornament made from them yesterday when I was surfing the web for ornament tutorials. You might want to look for it. Hope you have a great Sunday.

  4. Great photos of your wonderful piece of property! How peaceful it must be there.


  5. Busy, busy, busy! I love the photo of your feet up. Fabulous. The shadow is really something too! Beautiful photos all around. What a lovely place you've got there.

  6. Wow I am so excited you have 10 acres of land cool. I love the way you supervise. This is a big job. Looking good. B


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