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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


My mailbox was full of them today - SQUISHIES that is... wanna see whats inside 'em?

OK package one was from a quilting friend who is also a previous Jo-Ann Fabric's co-worker. Here are the goodies from her envelope..
She made me a delightful "Harvest" block as part of a themed swap we are in and she made the adorable coaster as well - I love Peanuts. The green fabric is an FQ (Fat Quarter) that is part of a "Sampler's Swap that we are doing as well. I will make her a 12 1/2" block using that fabric as well as some from my stash. She will get blocks back from each participant using her fabric plus fabrics from their various stashes so that she can make a a"Sampler Quilt". We will all end up with a special quilt in the end.

Next package was some fabric that I bought off Ebay. I had thought it was going to be ONE piece that I could make a blouse out of but it's 4 narrow pieces that I will use up in a quilt. I still love it and it won't go to waste but I was a little disappointed.
And to top all that off I got a package from Carrolyn out in Washington State and WOW! Lets start with her Crazy block that I will add embellishments to....
She attached a note : any embellishments (buttons,embroidery,laces, etc. are okay) Please keep colors to cream, white, beige, tan, gold, grey,silver - no colors.
This has pieces of lace from my wedding gown, my mom's, my daughters dance outfits, etc...

All I could think was WOW this will be something extra special. I didn't think to include a note like this but that's ok as mine is color wild to start with (the corduroy block in a few posts back). She also sent her FQ for the Sampler swap (the blue print) and another "Harvest" block for me. I wish the canning hadn't taken me ALL day but I knew it would in the back of my mind - perhaps one day I will get faster at it.

NOW for the cream on top of all this wonderful stuff. Do you remember the black, white and red block I sent out on a Round Robin tour awhile back? Well it came home today as well... and I was stunned... I mean JUST LOOK AT IT! WOW! The gals really blew me out of the water with this one....


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