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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ready to Mail~!

Mary Lou's Fall/Thanksgiving block

Carrolyn's Floral Block
I completed the remaining two blocks today and will be taking them to the Post Office in just a little while.

Tomorrow will be a gift sewing day and I will only be able to give little hints on here so as not to ruin any surprises.

I can hardly believe that I have just one more day home to sew... I'll have to make the most of it.

Scott and I cooked a delicious dinner together tonight... pork roast with whole cloves inserted, sprinkled with black pepper and thyme and then 1/2 cup white grape juice poured over the top and then slow roasted. Scott made some delicious seasoned collard greens that were simply wonderful and we had fresh steamed corn on the cob. I love when we cook together as the meal always turns out better than when one of us cooks alone. Must be the added love in it.

Scott has been trying to fix a computer for a co-worker this weekend and it's really given him a workout. I was sneaky and took this picture of him trying to get the front facing off the thing a few minutes ago. He says that one of the main problems it has is that it needs more memory so he has a call into a friend that sell's sticks of memory and with any luck he will get Linux installed. 

A couple days ago I was in Jo-Ann Fabrics getting some stiff interfacing for some of the gifts that I will be making and I found a wonderful book that I just had to have... it helped that I had a 50% off coupon too so it only cost me HALF. I love that!

This book has some WONDERFUL gift ideas... bath cap, unique potholders, totes and bags and all sorts of other fun stuff AND it comes with full-size patterns! If you are looking for a gift resource I can definitely recommend this book.

I guess I better get over to the Post Office; I'm hoping the machine is working tonight or I'll end up having to go back tomorrow and I am trying to avoid THAT line again this week.

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