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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


First I received a lovely "Harvest" quilt block from Irene in England. It will go nicely with the others that I have received from the other swap participants. I really enjoy doing these swaps; a little something special in the mailbox beside the bills.

After dinner I decided to go ahead and bake the butter cookies that I had mixed up a few days ago. this was the first time I've ever had any success with a rolled cookie recipe. I was so happy with the results. I started to fill a tin to take into work and realized the cookies were not going to fill the tin alone so I pulled out the candy melts and pretzels and went to work on making dipped pretzels to add to the tin to fill it up.
I'm sure these will be well received by my co-workers. And tomorrow is truck processing day so the entire replenishment team will be there to enjoy them. The day shift may not get any.

It was another busy day at the store; I even ended up on a register for about an hour as they didn't have a second cashier scheduled until 11. They need to have the second and/or third in by 10 from now until Christmas; but I'm keeping my mouth shut as I want NO PART of a Management position EVER again.

Me as a little girl at Christmas time.
And to end this post I've added a photo of myself at about 3 years old. Christmas really is for children and family togetherness.


  1. Becky, Your goodies look very yummy...

  2. The photo of you is gorgeous Becky! Those cookies (we call those biscuits)look really yummy. The decorated ones look very professional! :-)

  3. Boy I really am jealous of your co workers I hope they realize how lucky they are.
    I love the pic of you. B


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