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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Envelopes waiting...

I've got to get three more quilt blocks made so that I can make a trip to the Post Office to get them all mailed out. I'm so late with these I hope the gals will understand. I'm taking a 4 day weekend this weekend and plan to get a lot of sewing done over those four days. I have decided to stop adding things to Carrolyn's beautiful block so that I can get it on to the next person. Of course that means Diane will be getting two at once since mine is sitting in the top fat envelope on my sewing table. Once I get her a Civil War block made it will be ready to mail. I'm trying to save as much as I can on postage by combining swaps.

Here is what I did to Carrolyn's Crazy Quilt block...
 And a close up of the corner I added items...
I was thinking of adding some more to either side of the heart and roses but just couldn't come up with anything so I'm sending it on as it is.

I am SO looking forward to this long weekend and then next week I'm only scheduled to work 3 days - that is fine by me - more time to sew and craft. I may actually get something handmade done for everyone this year for Christmas.


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