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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Exhausting week

This week has just been exhausting and with "Christmas Season" just beginning there will be even more exhaustion in my future. The Christmas music has begun to play in the store and "STUFF" is stacked out EVERYWHERE! UGH! RETAIL! Oh well it's how I make a little money to help with the bills and I just have to focus on paying EVERYTHING off so I can just return home as quickly as possible.

Yesterday a friend came over and we did a bit of sewing together. Julia makes the neatest things! She was working on the cutest "cat" scarves; which I didn't get a photo of... see what exhaustion will do to me? I fixed that black and white block and put it in the envelope without getting a picture to share either. I also worked a bit on my little section on Carrolyn's  wedding dress crazy block and I plan to add some more today once the sun comes up. So far I've added a bit of lace trim and pearls and made a couple "spider web roses". Once I'm done adding embellishments I will post a picture... PROMISE!

Greg has drill this weekend and is getting ready to leave for that. I got up and ironed his uniform for him - spoiled wretch that he is. Hopefully it will be a good weekend with some new things learned.

Scott just wants to veg as he has worked 10 hour days or more since he started the new job and is also exhausted. I'm hoping we can get a couple walks in by the river this weekend - that always rejuvenates both of us. If we do I'm sure I will have photos to share.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh Becky do enjoy your days off I know this time of year in retail can be exhausting. Hope you and Scott can get to the river but if you can't just rest. B

  2. Yes, enjoy your days off, both of you because you certainly deserve it! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll get in at least one walk down by the river.
    Have a restful weekend!

  3. I'm here to confess my Christmas ONLINE shopping is done..We have our family Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner the Saturday after Thanksgiving...I detest all the consumerism and music before Thanksgiving so I SHOP ONLINE
    while listening to "Reflecting Good Vibrations" music at home...:)
    I really appreciate that you participate!

  4. Have a lovely relaxing weekend Becky! *hugs*


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