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Monday, May 24, 2010

Projects and a Pig Pickin'

I'll start this post off with some of the projects I've been working on; this post will be picture heavy. I'm working on some pastel quilt blocks for a swap that I am in but as you can see it's going slow as I have this helper that keeps getting in the way.

I've got the piecing done for all 9 blocks except for sewing the little blocks together in rows. Perhaps today I will be able to get in there "Un-supervised" and get this completed so that they are ready to mail out as soon as I get some money for postage.

Saturday we attended Kevin and Ronda's Annual "Pig Pickin". We had a nice time and it was wonderful to see family once again.

Yesterday Scott and I went over to Godly Street under the 12th Street Extension bridge and picked a BUNCH of blackberries. I would like to go back to pick more today; weather permitting. When we got home I decided that I wanted to make some blackberry jam and then I got to thinking about how good it would taste on homemade bread SOOOoooo......

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