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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Basic Needs

OK... Basic Needs; to me that means 1. Food and water, 2. Shelter, 3. Clothing and 4. a Library card to learn new things. Everything else is "extra". Saving for hard times is a MUST. You can't just live without thought for when the worst can and WILL happen. No one can predict the future and everyone must plan for the worst. I'm not saying you have to go around depressed but something should be set aside for those times when the rug is ripped out from under you. The best things in life are FREE and you can entertain children and adults without spending a dime. I am finding that the younger generation has absolutely no clue on how to prioritize and plan for their future. They frivolously spend money on "things" that don't meet any basic need; not even close to a basic need. For us every expense is critiqued before we make it - does this meet a basic need? Have I saved for the future? Will this purchase help me maintain what I have as far as basic needs? Will this purchase be something I can turn around and make money from later if hard times fall upon me? Knick-knacks, pricey toys, shiny ornamentations mean very little to me. I look for useful items to make my life a bit easier - but not expensive name brand which is over priced and shoddily made. I've been gifted items in these departments but they are not something I would shop for myself. I'm afraid for these younger folks.

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