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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A MOST Amazing Walk

We had the BEST walk today by the River; Nature rewarded us for showing up in a BIG way today! We heard lots of bird calls and then a crash through the trees right beside us and then there were massive wing flaps as a Red Tailed Hawk gained a roost above our heads. It had killed a bird and was waiting for us to clear out to retrieve it. I took a couple pictures and then we stepped back and got quiet and watched her take her prey. SO AWESOME! I LOVE birds of prey so much and have always enjoyed watching them fly so gracefully above our heads way up in the sky - SO FREE.

We should have known it was going to be an amazing morning as we found a miniature Stonehenge next to the car when we got out to start our walk....

And Scott spotted these two "getting busy" - which lead to a conversation on the breeding habits of toads vs. frogs and the need to do a bit more research on the topic.

We also saw a black snake but it was too fast to get a picture. It was about 3 feet long and headed into the brush as soon as Scott said, "LOOK". And we saw several Broad Headed Skinks. Scott touched ones tail and it shot into the brush and then popped it's head back out in another spot like, "WHAT THE HELL!" Such a wonderful day with Nature.

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