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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Magnolia's - Love / Hate Relationship!

I LOVE magnolia blossoms but HATE the tree - it's a constant clean-up battle. I know you can't have one without the other; but I do not believe that I would purposefully plant one myself knowing the work they create.

These are two angles of the same flower; the blooms are massive.

The Lantana is in bloom by the lamp post and that means that we can expect to see hummingbirds and a great variety of butterflies in our front yard. I would plant a LOT more of this if we were going to stay in this house for the rest of our lives but since we have a cottage in the woods in mind for the future I think that I will wait until we are there and then plant a bunch of lantana around it.

Scott has some little watermelon plants growing on the lower side of the house. He figures that we rarely go down that side and we can just let them spread like crazy. Hopefully they will produce some edible fruits.

The "walking onions" are doing their thing and creating spirals to reach down to the earth and grow anew. I love their twisted forms...

And last but not least a gratuitous dog picture for your pleasure....

She LOVES her picture taken - such a DIVA!

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