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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ecclectic Update

This is a "little of this, a little of that" update.

I got a "spiffy" new pair of sneakers day before yesterday and wore them for the first time yesterday and wore my legs out running. It's nice having shoes in good shape to run in - but it makes it really easy to over do.

Today I walked and just enjoyed the time by the river.

And this morning - with Tesla's help I got a few projects completed and ready to mail. He can be quite a little annoyance at times... but his cuteness makes up for it... I think.

The projects I completed were two Round Robin's and one of the 9 Pastel Blocks that I need to have mailed before the end of May. They are quite time consuming as there are so many smaller blocks that make up the 12 1/2" blocks. But they are quite lovely...

The Round Robins are quite fun and it's always exciting waiting for your's to get back home after each participant has added a "round" (border). Here are the two I added the first "round" to this morning....

A a single photo of the new water treatment plant -It's HUGE!
This is only a small portion of whats going up down by the boat ramp...

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