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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

YEAH ! A walk by the river

Scott and I took a lovely walk along the river this evening. I took a few photos and then edited them with Gimp to make them a bit better. It was a beautiful time to walk and Scott is feeling well enough he was actually wanting to talk again and we discussed the beauty that surrounded us. Our color is much more subdued than those in the "Great White North" but it's still pretty if not as breath taking as those in the cooler regions. We haven't even had a frost yet and I'm typing this up wearing a tank top. It seems cold weather will never arrive for us and the viscous bugs (critters and viruses) will be wreaking havoc on us until next Summer.

Scott pulled over so he could take these photos of the sun hitting the seed heads on these weeds in the power line right of way...

I didn't edit his photos at all these are just as he took them. And the stinker shot this photo of me; I always look tired and swollen... but it's me (I did edit this one just a little as I was in the shade of the car).


  1. I think you look great Becky.
    Love the shots and am so glad Scott is feeling better.
    "The great white North" I think that is Calgary Alberta my reliable sources said they had a wicked snowstorm there yesterday. I can wait in this part of the great white north:) B


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