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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time for Chocolate!


Chocolate will improve any ones mood! YUMMY!

And just so you all know I've requested 4 days off in a row!!!! November 1-4th I will be home relaxing and creating! YEAH!

And Scott is feeling a bit better - still gets some wicked head aches and pressure but his mood has improved IMMENSELY! Feels like my hubby is returning to me.


  1. Darn you Becky I wished I lived closer mmmm B

  2. Glad that Scott is feeling better and that you will be having some time off to relax soon. It sounds like you need some time for yourself.
    You're right, chocolate is wonderful stuff and your dessert looks divine.

  3. That's great news that Scott is feeling a lot better. That's wonderful that you have those days off :-)


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