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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Fall and Illness

I'm sitting here with a splitting headache and Scott has gone to bed feeling cold. HA HA.. yesterday he told me he was feeling a bit better - I didn't believe it then and NOW I really don't believe him. His Sinuses just won't clear up. We can't afford to take time away from our jobs... no sick leave for the hourly - you don't work = you don't get paid.

I'm thrilled the Season is changing but am REALLY worried about the viruses that will be making their rounds this Winter.


  1. Oh I know a little trick I put sauerkraut in all my soups. I just put a big spoonful in my bowl then pour the soup over.I read an article years ago how fermented cabbages have virus killing properties. It seems to work for both of us. Worth a shot right? Hope Scott and you are better very soon. B

  2. Becky I used to suffer greatly with sinusitis until I started using a nasal spray called Beconase or another one called Rhinocort. There are also other sprays too, which are more natural...just a saline solution . Don't know what you have in the US because I took my beconase with me!

  3. What bad news. I sure hope you both feel better. Feeling bad is bad enough, but to have to go to work and not be able to just lay down and rest is even worse.


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