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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Scott went back to the Doctor yesterday afternoon and got two shots - a potent anti-biotic and a strong anti-inflammatory medication. And received another 14 day prescription for yet another anti-biotic. He learned more about the other anti-biotic  he had been on twice and found out it can also cause tendons to explode... AWESOME (said with a LOT of sarcasm). And causes paranoia! So glad he is off that stuff and am hoping this round of antibiotics clear's this stuff up... this is just crazy! He is sick of feeling bad and I am worried about him staying sick SO LONG. He has basically been ill since July with this crap.

Yesterday he also found out that we may not get a paycheck from his job this week as "something went wrong with the time clocks"... FOR TWO WEEKS! HELLO!!! After the first week why wasn't something done to prevent the loss of 2 full weeks of payroll hours?! This is the craziest place he has ever worked! I hope they get it fixed IMMEDIATELY! My hours may be crazy but I know I will get my paycheck.

I have to unload the hutch so that we can move it so I can rip up the last 3 feet of carpet in the dining room; perhaps I will get to it today. I think I need to make a list of tasks to get done around here. For now I have to put on my work clothes and tame my hair for today. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.


  1. Oh Becky that is a lot of stuff to carry on your shoulders. Take care I hope things get back to normal soon. Take care HUGS B

  2. good luck Becky , thinking of you and hope your hubby get well soon :) love love love your blog , thank you for sharing it with us :) Amelia xx

  3. Oh goodness, poor Scott. And no paycheck, seriously, what the heck?! Good luck on every bit of it.


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