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Tuesday, October 09, 2012


It is finally feeling like Fall here and we are needing our winter robes in the morning and slippers or socks on our feet. I will be wearing a jacket this morning. Hot coffee is EXTRA wonderful on a brisk morning. I really should start getting ready for work but the thought of wetting my hair down is not very appealing. My hair is VERY large this morning - the down side of natural wave is BEDHEAD LARGENESS! Scott just called me a "HEDGEHOG!"... I think I will go wet it down now.
Hopefully it will dry a bit before I head out the door

The South Carolina State Fair starts tomorrow. I would love to go and see the displays and perhaps a "Fair food lunch" but Scott has to work and my friends are all working at that time of day so I may go over by myself one day.


  1. Oh the fair go by yourself I would go with you. Don't work to hard Becky. B

  2. Haha, I have fine straight hair and every morning I look like I must have had a bad dream the night before! I don't think any of us would look like we stepped out of a movie in the mornings. Sue


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