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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Focus on the positive...

And ignore that Elephant sitting on your heart. (At least that is what i am trying to do). I'm just having a bad afternoon filled with sadness and feelings of lonesomeness. I'll be so glad when my fellas get home.

I am truly Blessed beyond measure in finding Scott. He is my rock... we are each others'... we hold each other up and would be lost without the other. I know this in my very being.

I truly envy those families that freely reach out to one another and love each other and support each other. I've always had a single "rock of support"... first it was my Grandma and then my Sweet Husband.

For the most part I focus on the positives but every once in awhile I have one of these "horrible black days"... perhaps I should have skipped the nap today as before it I was feeling GREAT and upbeat. Things will be better tomorrow... a fresh new day!


  1. Hi Becky, Sorry to hear that you're feeling blue. Too far for me to come over and pay you a visit. Sending you a hug from Aus anyway. Sue.

  2. Oh Becky I am with Maa I am so sorry you are feeling blue. We all have those days. Your boys will be home soon. HUGS HUGS HUGS B

  3. Thank heavens for having at least one rock to cling to when you need to. I sure hope your day improves. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. It is difficult when that special someone is not with you. At least you have us, your blogging friends!


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