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Monday, October 08, 2012

Seasonal Trucks

This morning I'm going in an hour earlier as we are getting a Seasonal delivery at 7:45 and we have to prepare sections of the store for all the new products. MORE Christmas! We had started compressing and down sizing Halloween on Friday. The "crunch" is on for Retailers... the final three months of this year to make a profit. UGH!

I keep thinking about how much I'd love to be home simply creating beautiful items. Well for now it's push push push for someone else to make a few dollars to keep us going.


  1. And I guess customers just take for granted all the work you do behind the scenes to display all the seasonal items...I've learnt a lot about what retail staff do before the shop opens by reading your blog Becky! It's the same here too...about retailers hoping that people 'open their wallets' in the run up to Christmas. The reserve bank lowered the interest rates here last week so many people will have more money to spend.

  2. I know you would rather be home, Becky.......which I now am. But to be perfectly honest, I think I got more done when working.....because I set time aside to sew/craft and always used it efficiently. Now I have the time, no need to be efficient.....and no extra cash to buy stuff to craft. :(


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