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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A Message from my sister...

My sister Robin posted this message on Facebook....

"I have a museum with a major Classical collection interested in getting some of my pottery for their gift shop. Happy, happy, happy!"

AWESOME!!!!! I have told her for years that her Pottery would take off! She has an Etsy shop Clay Baby Pottery if you'd care to see her work. I am ever so excited for her and VERY proud of her. 

Robin is 5 years younger than I and we have 2 more sisters and 2 brothers younger than us. When she was born I was EVER so mad because I wanted a brother. I got my brother 2 years later but grew to love Robin anyway... even if she wasn't a boy. HA HA! Summers were spent with them visiting on the Farm where I lived with Grandma and we had so much fun over those Summers and I always cried and cried when it was time for them to leave. (Long painful story full of lies and misunderstandings that I choose to leave in the past to be happy now). 



  1. Congratulations to your sister I bet she is super excited.......oh I popped over from Buttons blog.....hope you don't mind a visit from a strange Australian......

  2. So far I've only "met" WONDERFUL people from Australia! WELCOME!

  3. I see creativity runs in your family! Why am I not surprised???!!! Your Sisters work is as wonderful as yours both of you having unique abilities!!!~~peace of mind~~

  4. It is always a happy time when I hear that an artist is having such success with their work. Congrats to your sister!


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