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Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Get-a-way would be lovely

Even if it is just a day trip... I would so enjoy a small adventure. Perhaps we will manage something over the weekend. Nothing expensive just interesting and/or beautiful. I'd even pack a lunch so we wouldn't have to buy food on the road. It'll give me something to think about.

Today is truck processing day and we will be kept busy up until the very last minutes of our shifts I'm sure. It makes the day go by a whole lot faster. My department didn't get very much so hopefully we will be able to get caught up on everything this week. Once I leave for the day not much more gets accomplished. There are just so many small individually wrapped items toward the back of my department. Stickers and jewelry are all individually wrapped in packs of 3 and they are taped or stapled as well. I swear those boxes feel like a never ending bowl of noodles.

Our Fat Cat - Tesla
A Witches Hat I made several years ago!
If you haven't left a comment on my give-a-way post and want a chance to win a box of hand made goodies jump back to this post.... woo-hooooooo-5000-hits-on-globe and leave a comment to be in the drawing. I will draw a comment from a hat on Halloween... a WITCHES HAT to be exact!


  1. Love the Witches hat!! Your cat is as motivated as ours..Never going to move unless it's to the food bowl..ha ha ~~peace of mind~~

  2. I've never seen a cat lay with his rear legs out like that before! My dog used to, but never any of the cats.

    I do hope you're able to have a little gettaway somewhere pretty.


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