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Monday, October 22, 2012

Our House at Dusk

Scott and I took a drive to the boat ramp and out past Amazon's Warehouse. The sunset was gorgeous and the reflection of the sunset on the clouds to the other side of us was nearly as beautiful. It was nice to get out of the house to do something fun again. We did spot a few deer but they were camera shy.

When we arrived home I thought a new picture of the house with some "Autumn" color would be nice and Scott pointed out that the moon is nearly a half circle. The cedar tree was just a small seedling when we planted it and now it seems to be reaching for the sky. I don't believe we will be covering it with Christmas lights this year as we would have to hire a crane to reach the top.

Before we left the house I noticed this little thief on the bird feeder...
So far we haven't seen any birds on the feeders but it won't be long now as they WILL notice the squirrels chowing down.

A quick update on Scott; he returned to our Doctor today and things are actually looking a little better but he still has a way to go to be completely well again. The Doctor gave him a prescription for Steroids to help clear it out of his head and gave him a work excuse (bed-rest slip) so he will be off until Thursday. The Doctor also got Scott a referral to see an E.N.T Specialist in a couple weeks. He was also told he might be well advised to find different employment since his current job seems to be aggravating his sinuses. I WISH he could... he keeps applying to places so hopefully something will "click" soon.

I went in to work at 3 AM this morning to help get things built for the truck that delivered today - CHRISTMAS!!!! This week lots MORE Christmas crafts, ribbon, flags and stocking stuffers!!! UGH! It really HAS begun... can't deny it anymore.


  1. Oh I am so happy Scott is feeling better it is awful when you job makes you sick. I understand I worked for eight months in a fiber glass boat factory with no mask.
    Love your photos Becky.
    Wos three am I was sleeping. :) B

  2. My job led to a complete immune system break down. Taught 25 years in a mould infested environment before anyone knew of it's harmful. I complained but no one listened. In 1994 my body gave up and my lungs just kept getting sick. But after a lengthy struggle and lots of tender care today I enjoy the 30th birthday of my child. Never thought I would.
    Thief at our feeder is a racoon!

  3. Glad to hear Scott is feeling better, I had sinus surgery in Jan 2010. It was the best thing I ever did.
    have always had bad sinus stuff but I was sick most of 2009 to the point I couldn't get my breath. It was awful. They did Fess which is computer assisted I think it took awhile about 3to 6 months for my nose to be normal but it has been amazing. I don't snore anymore. It really works. Take care and I love your hair it look great.


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