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Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Our Yard

 I walked around in our front yard looking for lovelies to share. My blackberry bushes  and spearmint are really filling in their raised bed. Hopefully next Summer we will be picking berries in our own front yard. They really benefited from the rain we've had this year.

The Confederate rose is really putting on a lovely show in the side yard. It has a bunch of buds that will be opening from now until Christmas. I just love this plant!

The dogwood tree is really getting colorful with it's leaves changing and it's berries growing bright red.

The last photo I believe to be a variety of Camilia that we rarely see the blooms as they open to the center of the bush. I had to move several branches just to get this photo to share. The bush was here when we moved in so that is why I'm not sure of it's name.


  1. Oh Becky you have a very beautiful yard. Love the shots. B

  2. Lovely photos! That confederate rose is gorgeous. I've only recently found out about dogwood trees and that was through reading blogs! It grows in Australia too but in the cooler areas, not where I am.

  3. These are very pretty. In fact you live in a nice area in the US. I'm in Canada but have visited your area.


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