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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photographic Challenge - 3rd Drawer

I was just reading Maria's post for a weekly challenge she participates in and thought that I would join in the fun and capture some photo's of the "3rd Drawer's" in our house... they ain't pretty.

This drawer hasn't been opened in years... time to donate I think.

My Crochet Cotton drawer for doilies and tatting thread to make special baby bonnets.

My Interfacing drawer for clothing and craft projects.

2 - 3rd drawers of crafting supplies - glue sticks and ink pads.

My unsightly everyday shirt drawer - I guess I should fold and place them in more carefully.
More details.... Ramblings of a Square Peg is the originating site for this "Scavenger Hunt".


  1. Good luck Becky I try to not look in my drawers anymore:) B

  2. hey Becky, thanks for joining my scavenger hunt. Can I ask you to add your link to my blog please.

    the subject for next Saturday is something crooked. I will put all November's subjects up on my blog today, look in the scavenger hunt tab just under the header.

    Thanks and welcome

  3. You are obviously a very crafty woman Becky! Have enjoyed looking over some of your posts.

  4. My drawers are few. We had a fire years back and never really recovered. Just have three dressers for three of us and some kitchen and bath room drawers. I haven't really kept up with declutter. Odd how fast that happens.


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