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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Back from No-where

The Nap Lures have been working overtime!
I haven't been on a trip to anywhere so that is why I am "Back from Nowhere". I've  just been working and sleeping. The temperature changes have been making me feel all out of sorts. I think I will start back on taking a multi-vitamin and see if that will help.

Scott just finished his third anti-biotic and is STILL not feeling well so we may be heading off to the Urgent Care today if our Family Practice doesn't have Sunday hours. He is worried and in turn I am as well. And to top things off he is supposed to be working 10 hour shifts this next week  - mandatory 10 hour shifts. He has been so NOT himself. He is still sleeping at the moment and I'm going to let him rest as long as he can, perhaps that will help.

Yesterday I went shopping at Michael's for my friend, Amelia in South Africa, She asked me if I would go for her if she sent me money via Pay Pal so I did. They don't get the kinds of things for card crafting there as we do here so I told her that I would be glad to do that for her. Scott went with me but ended up going out to the car as the music and argumentative women were getting on his nerves. I told him that is a daily thing for me and I'm used to it.

Image from Google Images
After we left Michael's we drove out over the Lake Murray Dam to Lexington to go to Tractor Supply to pick up some dog food and sunflower seed for the wild birds. We will start feeding them now that the weather has turned cooler. I will not feed them when foraging is available but I will help them out in the Winter months. If the Lake Murray Dam ever broke our escape route would be to drive to Charleston as the water would cover our house and we are miles away from this.

After Tractor Supply we stopped at World Market for a bag of coffee as we were getting low and we can't run out of coffee. I would have liked to just browse a bit longer in World Market but Scott was starting to feel REALLY out of sorts so I told him he needed to be taken home and put to bed after some lunch. Just like I used to do Greg when he was little... men really are just little boys sometimes.

Today will be a home body day as I REALLY need to clean house and we have a few yard tasks that need to be taken care of. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Oh Becky I am so sorry Scott is still sick. I do hope they figure it out soon.
    That is one big beautiful dam It is massive we don't see anything like that near us.
    It is nice of you to shop for your friend and I cannot believe women fight in a store.
    Taks care Becky maybe you should take a page from the very lazy but smart cat lounging in the chair. Rest and take care of yourself. Hugs B


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