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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A rainy Saturday

This morning Scott and I went and voted in the Republican Primary as the sun tried to make an appearance before the clouds completely won over. We voted even though we won't be voting Republican during the Election in November. Mostly to try to get someone on the ticket that Obama can beat... I know..  aren't we awful? But I just can't see any of the Republicans in that office... especially any of them that have come forward to run.

After we returned home I started working on the FQ swap blocks once more. This first one is Mary Lou's. I hope that she will like it.
Of course I had a bit of HELP!
This one is Carrolyn's but I still have a bunch of seams to sew together so it won't get mailed until Monday. I am hoping to get the remaining 3 completed so that I can mail that at the same time. Since Irene's has to cross the "Big Pond" it will need a custom slip that will require a trip to the service counter. I'm really enjoying this swap... finally! I'll post a picture of the ones that I have received from the other swapee's in my next post; as well as photos of the remaining ones I am putting together.
We need coffee so are going to World Market even though it's not Wednesday... no double coffee points today.


  1. Your quilt blocks are beautiful. I like them a lot...and your sweet kitty...well he's just plain cute :) :) Enjoy your coffee. I got coffee at Whole Foods this morning :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  2. Gotta love feline 'help', mine likes to help out in the kitchen Rain here now on the East Coast of Oz, was a beautiful morning earlier :)


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