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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 2 - a Day of what we call FUN!

Scott and I hit the road about 9 AM and drove down HWY 321 through Swansea, SC; the town I moved to after High School Graduation in 1982. And then picked up #3 to Blackville, SC; on our way to Blackville we stopped at Healing Springs... lets do this by the photos I took. Scott took many and I mean many more and I won't be posting them all.
"Main Street - Swansea SC" it's really fallen into disrepair since the 80's

Interesting storage barn by the RR tracks in Swansea

Feed Mill in Swansea, SC

Cotton wagon with bits of cotton hanging from the sides

Close up of "raw" cotton hanging in the wagon
After we left Swansea and turned onto #3 we came upon the Springfield Flea Market. This was a real eye opener as it was a lot of really poor folks trying to scratch out a living in this rural setting.

We are planning another trip down to this flea market with more cash in hand - some REAL bargains to be found here.
This fella sold fishing rods.
I'm going to add some of Scott's photos from the flea market as well as he caught some interesting shots with the larger camera... I've decided to write a separate post for his photos as this is all ready going to be photo heavy enough.

HUGE head of Collards that I bought for $2
After we left the Springfield flea market we drove on to Healing Springs.

People come from miles away to get water in jugs. 

Spanish Moss covered trees in a yard we past on our way to the Springs.
Where the tree's were in that yard they also had angels all around the lawn.

Scott took some wonderful photos of this yard as well as some photos of the Mennonite school that is located across the street from the "Angel Yard".

After we left Healing Springs we drove on to Blackville, SC.
Down the Center of the Main Street

A little history of Blackville. SC

I loved this tile border - made me think of a quilt border possibility.

Loved these green windows in this Antique store

This old wagon was across the street from the Antique store.
This window was HUGE! And BEAUTIFUL!

This is where we thought we'd catch lunch today but ended up eating down the street. Perhaps next time we will eat at this famous restaurant.
Blackville, SC Town Clock.

The beautiful bones of the old hotel.
The Shamrock Hotel

The final two pieces of THE BEST Pizza in South Carolina right before we consumed them. We ate at Russell's Pizza in Blackville, SC. We will definitely drive to eat there again


  1. Oh, I am sooo jealous!! There you are in the sun and it's snowing like mad here! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us, Becky!!

  2. OH wow...this looks like FUN>..I love stuff like this, really...and some of those photos remind me of Jacksonville, Oregon, too :) :) Thanks for the virtual too. It was a lot of fun :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. It's been lovely seeing some more of your big country, courtesy of your photos and text. Thanks becky!

  4. thanks for letting us ride the photo's!

  5. Oh I just want to come for a visit and explore with you. I love the raw cotton, I have only seen it when finished. I love your photos they are beautiful.
    I am very sorry to say I love the last one the most don't worry it has nothing against the other photos I am just really hungry. B


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