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Monday, January 02, 2012

New Years Day

Yesterday we didn't do a whole lot - just took an easy day with as much rest as we could possibly fit into it as Scott is just recovering from an absolutely heinous sinus infection and I'm trying to recover from a full-time (40 hour) week last week... I am truly hoping they stick closer to a 25 to 30 hour week for me this week as I have garden prep and planning to do.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday...
We drive by this swampy area everyday and could see a Beaver dam from the road as we pass so yesterday we decided to park at the tractor dealership and walk around over there. We didn't spot any beavers but there was a flock of bluebirds; something we have never seen before and were quite curious about. There was much talk between the two of us about it and luck would have it Rudy Mancke came walking up our street and Scott was out in the front yard and he asked Rudy about it. Rudy said that male bluebirds will flock together in the off season as there is safety in numbers.
 I love when I am in the right place at the right time. I captured this wonderful photo last night as we were coming back from a wildlife spotting trip to the boat ramp. I just LOVE IT!
And this was too precious not to capture... Tesla is looking like he is saying,"It's not what it looks like" "I don't really like Nick".
Shortly after I took these photos Tesla got up and left.

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  1. We "were" starting the New Year resting..until our first snow storm hit late last night and continues today...The hubby is using the snow blower as I type..Well it is Michigan and the snow had to come eventually:)


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