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Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Day~! Pictorial....

Took Nick's advice and "relaxed" a bit.

Miss Bernadette in her new get-up that makes her behave - YES she needs a trip to the salon

Our "good" girl - Amelia just as we arrived home waiting for her cookies.

Squirrel Antics - at one time there were 5 squirrels at the feeders today
And OH SO MANY birds!

And the neighbors...BAD KITTY
Squirrel ALERT!

SHHHhh... he left on a mission - more later - maybe...

While Mr Man was out on his mission I added two rounds of bricks to Anne's round robin

And I made Anne a 12" block using the light blue FQ she sent and the brown print from my stash. PLUS two little bonus squares - perhaps she can use them in a border for this sampler quilt.


  1. Fun to watch animals, huh? Love the quilt pix, too. I've always wanted to do a sampler quilt and have my friends who are able contribute a block. Hmmmm... maybe after I get some frames and deal with the 3 tops I've already got!

    Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. The squirrels are soooo cute! And that black and white quilt is absolutely stunning!

  3. It does look black and white in the photo but it's actually Navy blue and white. It was so overcast today but I wanted to get a photo of it before I boxed it up to send home to it's owner. I know Anne is anxious to get it back. It's a shame squirrels can be destructive as well as cute as we do enjoy watching them. My Mother-in-law has had 3 window screens completely destroyed by squirrels.

  4. HI Becky :) :)
    You've been busy...oh the animals are really cute.. and your guy looks handsome in a suit ;) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. What an eventful day of relaxation..and I hope the hub's Mission works out well..:)
    ~~peace & love & joy & blessings~~


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