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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Some Fun at "Hand"

I was able to add my bit to Mary Lou's crazy  quilt square and it has been mailed off to Diane in Maine who will in turn add her bit.
This first photo is of her entire block and the next is a close up of what I added to her block.
The ecru lace was from my "lace stash" of purchased lace and I added the blue and green embroidery to my section. I also crocheted the 3 flowers and stitched them onto my section and then added some pearls from my "bead stash" for the centers. I hope that she will like it.

Next on my waiting list to be dealt with is Anne's Round Robin...
Isn't it lovely? I'm going to add 2 rounds of "bricks"; once I get them added I will post an updated photo so you all can see what I've come up with. I may add a narrow white tone on tone strip before I add my bricks but will wait and see; first I need to cut and sew the brick rows together.

I also have 7 Sampler blocks to get made up and mailed out; will share photo's when I get them accomplished AND we have another swap in the works for 12 1/2" log cabin blocks. I've asked them all to make my logs "wonky" and they want to see what I'm talking about so I need to make a "sample" of one to show them. This post is making me so glad that I will be home by lunch time everyday this week.

On a side note Scott and I have been putting off getting new phones for as long as possible and have finally broke down and stepped into "smart phones" - that's what it's feeling like - "we stepped in it"... hopefully we will be able to figure these things out. We had to take the phones over to the local store to get them to help us get them activated and move our contacts from our old phones to the new phones. We just knew when we left that they were talking about us... "AH that sweet "old" couple were so cute; they couldn't figure out those phones on their own". AH well one of us is in the 50's and the other close behind so I guess to all those 20-somethings we ARE old.


  1. beautiful work, popped over from Buttons blog to see you,

    Gill in Canada

  2. Again, such beautiful pieces..Love seeing your additions and updates:0
    As for the phones you made me laugh so loud hubby came in we are in our 50's and just bought our first cell phone! The guy said he should take our picture for coming up to speed..LOL..then he had to set the WHOLE phone up cause we had "no clue"..Our teenage grandchildren were laughing that we finally got a cell phone...~peace & love & joy & blessings~~

  3. Those crocheted flowers look so lovely with that beautiful piece of lace. That round robin block is just so effective with those colours.
    I'm like you 2, I'm sure phone shop staff laugh when I leave the shop too!I think my next phone will be a smartphone but keep putting off getting one :-/

  4. It's wonderful that you are into your crafts. It is a great interest to have. I like the Round Robin!

  5. Those are beautiful. You are super creative. I love them.


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