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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bits of....

Last night we went to the Post Office so that I could mail the two blocks I had completed since I could use the self serve station. After that we decided to drive to the boat ramp and spotted these deer grazing under the power lines. They raised their heads when I whistled and then went right back to their dinner. It looked like they were all Does.

Well the FOR SALE signs have finally been put up in front of the house next door. Hopefully we will get some nice and friendly neighbors.

As I was walking back into the house I noticed these berries on the bushes that I had started from cuttings shortly after we moved into this house in 1996. I just thought they looked really interesting.
And for dinner I went with a simple and fast chicken stir fry... no recipe needed... just whatever vegetables I had on hand along with some chicken, soy sauce, garlic, ground ginger, a little salt and some red pepper flakes served over steamed white rice. Oh and we threw a hand full of dry roasted peanuts into it right before serving it up. OH IT WAS SO GOOD! Scott said it was delicious. I had it made and on the table in less than 30 minutes. And it was SO inexpensive to make too... SO much cheaper than ordering out.

Thinking about that I am going to evaluate our spending so far this year and see where we can cut cost even more... and eating out I think needs to be cut back to only once a month. It is just too expensive and you don't REALLY know whats IN the food you are eating in restaurants. 

I'm thinking about starting seeds soon. Friday I will start making the little recycled newspaper pots. I may be rushing things a bit but I want to have a lot of vegetables on our plates fresh from our own garden this year.

When I went to work in the wee hours of the morning it was clear as could be but when I got off work I walked out into dense fog and it remained and then got REALLY heavy tonight. WEIRD! You can kinda see the fog in the photo of the neighboring house. Greg (son) said, "Mom it looks like Silent Hill out there". I have not seen that movie and don't care too especially after it scared him so bad when he went to see it. Me and scary movies just DO NOT get along at all.

I'm fighting the urge to go and have my hair whacked off the rest of the way. I've been burning up and it's not long enough to tie up in a pony tail or bun and it's just at the length to make my neck feel all creepy when I sweat and the curls go tight. I have had super short hair before and loved it. Here are a couple photos of me with the shorter style...


  1. HI Becky,
    I don't like scary movies, I would never see a movie like that. I'll pray you get some really nice neighbors. What is your neighborhood like? There's one house on my street that is for rent. I live in a very nice neighborhood, in terms of houses and people. HOwever, this one house, the owner doesn't do enough to make it look nice. It's not ugly, but it's not real pretty either...and now they're trying to find peole to rent it.
    Oh, about the hair, have you tried some cute small butterfly clips, or maybe adding some cute flowers or time to some butterfly clips...and then using them to pull your hair back? That might help :) :) My hair is at that length where I can't put it up into a ponytail either. It's about chin length right now :)
    Have a great week. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  2. Hello Becky I would love your chicken soup :) thank you.
    You look good with short hair I am wearing a ponytail too. I asked My Hero to cut it off with the clippers he said no. I thought it may come back a different colour than white.:0 B


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