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Sunday, January 29, 2012

More from the Springfield Flea Market

"Chicken John" a very colorful character

"Chicken Joe" said, "Be careful... don't break your camera" "And don't look me up on America's Most Wanted". He was such a card.
Further into the market we came across these harsh reminders of the past and were shocked to see the Confederate grave marker on the table for sale. 
Slave Manacles and a plantation lock.

Beautiful Collard greens - only $2 a bunch.
When Scott took this picture of the collard greens the little girl sitting in the back of the truck asked, "Why is that man taking pictures of Collard greens?"... I told her , "Because we're weird like that and enjoy taking photo's of interesting and beautiful things" and then we bought a bunch.


  1. Certainly some unusual and different things for sale there...

  2. "Because we're weird like that and enjoy taking photo's of interesting and beautiful things" -Well thank goodness for weirdo like you!

    I must come to the south sometime...I've never been and there is so much history there.

  3. Oh I am excited this is a place I would love to have been with you. That Chicken Joe would certainly have some interesting stories to share.
    I would have taken the collard greens photo too but I have never seen them before. I guess I am weird also. I love that:) B

  4. What fun ... a flea market. I miss going to markets. We live too far away from any decent ones. Might have to think about travelling to one soon. Susan

  5. I really enjoyed this post, Becky! That gentleman in the first pictures up there is Chicken John... he's an old family friend, and a really awesome guy! He and my dad go fishing together quite often. We stopped by the market and saw him today-- as usual he was a blast to talk to. Thanks so much for posting this! Great pictures! Glad you guys had a fun time at the market!


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