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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just in Case You're Bored

I came across this adorable dish cloth pattern today and have saved it to make later. Then I thought other folks may like to give it a try so am sharing the link to the pattern . It's done in simple crochet stitches so would be an easy beginner+ project that would be completed quickly and it would make a great take along project for those times when we are having to sit and wait someplace.

I've been looking through old magazines for a friend in search of a quilt block pattern for Butterflies with fan luck yet but boy have i found a lot of OTHER fun projects. One is a quilted duffle bag that I would love to make for myself - actually one for Scott and one for myself to take on weekend getaways - we are hoping to do that once again.

I've enjoyed looking through these while sitting in front of the heater here in the front room where I can also watch the birds come and go to the feeder that I filled with fresh seed last night as it was to be so cold. I think the squirrels eat the majority of the seed.

I also came across a delightful little bag to crochet for my new smart phone - time to dig in my "yarn stash" to make myself one of those. As I said.. I've found lots of fun projects in these old magazines.
I received these lovelies in a nice squishy today from Marlene in Maine. Aren't they lovely? I ADORE the cat potholder!  The signature Star block will be a wonderful addition to the others that I received. It will be fun to put together.

BOY! Was I fragmented and all over the place in this one... sorry about that.


  1. Still a very enjoyable finding old stashed project patterns..

  2. I do this from time to time, go through my old magazines and "dream" about all the projects I would like to make...I must make a cover for my new phone too.

    Thank you for sharing the dishcloth pattern :)


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