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Saturday, January 28, 2012

More.... Doors and Windows of SC Back Country

 These first 5 photos were photos that I took in Blackville, South Carolina. We got a kick out of the shorts in the doorway - I guess someone was in a hurry for something. And the tile work of course caught my eye again - Did the same person lay all the tile in this small town? We think so - it's all amazingly crafted.

 The large window was one in the old Shamrock Hotel . If you follow the link and read the article about it you'll be like me and wish you could still walk through the doors and see all that was described in the article. I bet it was magnificent.
Now for some of Scott's photos of doors and windows...
Swansea, South Carolina

Scott took these photos along the old Main Street in Swansea. I used to go through one of these to pick up our mail from the post office. It had those really old tarnished gold post boxes. I wonder what happened to them.

We were both intrigued with the old building that contained hay. So much character in these old doors.

Blackville, South Carolina
Door to the Mennonite school

Sorry about the graffiti on the one door... didn't see it until I had already posted it to the blog. Perhaps that tells a bit more about the shorts in the doorway than we really needed or wanted to know.


  1. I find it interesting how the doors with the boards placed on the diagonal are still very square. As a mater of fact the rest of that building, a simple country store, was still very square. Even though time has taken it's toll on that little store, I could still see lots of tight fitting joints that made me wonder about who built this simple little utilitarian structure.

  2. Oh Becky I so love this series of photos. Good eye. B

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