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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Time again for ... "On my mind"

This is a weekly feature that many of us are jumping in on to get to know our "Blogland" neighbors... come join the fun.

On my mind...
Using leftover mashed potatoes to make Potato Pancakes.

Our meat loaf recipe with a new twist tonight - about 1/4 cup Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce poured over the top. DELICIOUS!
We are getting better at using every last little bit of food that we buy; rarely does something make it to the trash. 
We bought this at World Market. Kinda pricey at $5.99 but SO GOOD. You can find this combination in the grocery store as well with the other BBQ sauces.


  1. Of course it's not Coronary friendly.

  2. Oh my, I LOVE meatloaf and that one looks like a beauty!

  3. Raspberry chipotle sauce? Wow. Good use of the leftovers!

  4. oooh, how yummy both of those look!! well done, Becky!

  5. Those potato pancakes sound delicious! I have never heard of them but think I must go google a recipe now.


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