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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Old Friends and Memories

About 1979 - Port Siad Egypt - Scott second from left with Eagles t-shirt with some of his Shipmates.
Our wedding day 1985
Greg with his younger cousins 1997
Just a few "old" pictures since I haven't really done much today except work and cook dinner. I made the vests on the boys and all the girls outfits in the bottom photo. We need to get all the children together for another "Grandkids" photo for my parents. Of course now there are four more to add to the picture and the babies in this picture are all teenagers now.


  1. I love the childen's outfits. How lovely to revisit the past in pictures.

  2. I love looking at old pictures, whether they're mine or those of someone else. You are quite the talented seamstress. The vests and dresses are beautiful. I love the chubby cheeks on the baby girls. Thanks for sharing some of your memories.

  3. Oh the memories! Hubby and I were married in January 1986 and we had the blue thing going on too! :)


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