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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Nicky

Nicky is Greg's cat (our son's cat) - yeah right! He does this EVERY morning after he eats his breakfast. When Greg went to Boot Camp it was like we traded cats; Nicky just started hanging close to me like this and Mr. Tesla pined  for Greg in Greg's room. Nicky is a real affectionate cat ALL THE TIME. Tesla on the other hand has to deem you worthy and then affection can be given only when he is in THE MOOD. Such different personalities. Because of his long hair I brush Nicky nearly everyday; especially right now with it warming up as he is shedding heavy and if I didn't brush him OH what a mess we'd have.


  1. Beautiful cat...Our Mr Harley is very much my DH's cat...until DH is gone then he is in my face...LOL

  2. Ha ha, to find the best cosiest place you only have to find where your cat has gone! Nicky looks quite comfortable :).


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