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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pink to Purple...

Last week the flowers I featured in posts were all pink; this week they are purple. This is the Wisteria that is blooming behind our garage beside my composting bins. I absolutely love it's beauty but it can and will take over if not managed intently and this has grown far beyond where I would have liked. It's especially hard to manage since the neighbors put up the privacy fencing and created a dead zone that neither one of us can get to so the wisteria just grows and grows.
The bees are working this quite intently and when I was out there taking these photos they kept checking out my violet colored shirt as well. The pollen has reached a status of MISERABLE and we are all living on Walgreen's brand of Zyrtec. 

The mail was such a disappointment today - just junk. It all went straight into the trash. When we get everything paid off we will get hardly any 'old fashioned" mail. Perhaps I will start writing REAL letters once more; there is just something special about taking the time to sit down and compose a letter by your own hand and then mailing it to someone. A little note of brightness! Something you would not expect.... hmmmmmmm... I have a few minutes before I have to get ready for work. Perhaps I will drop my address book and see where it opens up and then write someone a SURPRISE!


  1. Recently I decided to start sending the grandkids letters, so they will grow up knowing what it was like before mail delivery is gone....
    Love your wisteria!

  2. With the advent of internet, live chat and blogs we don't seem to do 'snail mail' anymore. I am in a craft forum and participate in swaps so I am always delighted to receive an envelope/parcel that doesn't have a window face in it! People don't seem to have pen friends anymore either as they now email each other. I still have all the letters my mother sent me when I first moved a long distance from home and sometimes I re read them and they bring back memories.....can't do that with an email 20 years from now :).

  3. I love the wisteria! I am partial to anything purple. :) I hand-wrote letters to my great-aunts over Christmas and they were so happy to get them. It is so nice to receive a letter or "thinking of you" card in the mail.

  4. Oh Wisteria...I love Wisteria. It's so beautiful! Tell me----is the Wisteria the reason for the bee activity? I'm thinking I may plant some flowers in my garden to attract some.

  5. Gosh Becky, your Wisteria is out soo early, no sign of it yet here in UK. but the blossom on the trees is in full bloom just now.


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