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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wednesday making Jewelry

I'm off today so let the crafting beginning.
Last night I pulled out all my jewelry making "stuff" and will be working on that today. I'll be making necklaces and earrings; some as sets and some alone. I'm just in the mood for working on jewelry. I may switch to sewing this afternoon when I get back from visiting a friend and going to World Market for coffee since I got an email saying World Market Members can buy 1 get 1 FREE on the 12 oz. coffee today. We LOVE their coffee!

I will post again tonight with what I make today but won't say who they're for since some are to be Christmas gifts. HAPPY WEDNESDAY ALL!


  1. Looks like you have a lot of supplies to make your jewelry. Have you ever considered taking some jewelry making classes? It could be just for fun, or like some people it could even become a supplementary source of income!

  2. I'd love to but there just isn't any money for classes right now - these supplies were collected over my 5+ years of working at Jo-Anns. I'm lucky if I can buy more crimp beads. I check books out from the library to learn my hobbies.


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