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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Gray Morning

The coffee sure tastes good this morning and I am enjoying the sunrise even if it isn't brilliant. If we were farther North I do believe we'd awakened to a snowy morning; the sky has that blue gray tinge to it. The next couple of days are supposed to end with temps in the 20's - WELCOME WINTER!

Yesterday Scott and I did a bit of Christmas shopping for Greg. I hope that he will like what we got for him as it will be his only bought gift. This week I will be sewing up a storm as well as knitting and crocheting. I want to get everything that has to be mailed finished and mailed to the families that they are for so that they will be sure to get to their destination in plenty of time for Christmas. On my side of the family it's just easier as it's hard to get all of us together in one place anymore. And we are only doing for the children in each family. Money is tight and it's really about the children anyways. I would rather spend time with the adults than money.

Scott's side of the family is totally different and we will have gifts for mostly adults as there aren't as many children and the gathering is easier to do. Scott's brother Steve and family live in TN and we are hoping they know we love them all and wish them the Merriest of Christmases and not to worry about gifts for us. I want them to focus on their Grandchildren and to enjoy the Holidays together in TN. If I knew the children better I'd know what they like and would do my best to create something wonderful for them but I know none of their likes and dislikes and feel it would be disastrous if I tried - I hope that makes sense. I'm sure they'll have fun together.

I better get this day started as I have to work this afternoon/evening.

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