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Sunday, December 19, 2010

MY SNEAKY Secret Sister!

 I received a box the other day with my on-line quilting friend, Diane's address on it and when I opened it I was amazed and then confused as I knew she wasn't my Secret Sister as I assigned them and then I got on-line and asked Diane why she had sent me a package she acted like she hadn't a clue as to what I was talking about so then I went to inspecting the OUTSIDE of the box  there was the postmark..... COLBERT, WA.... CLEAR ACROSS THE COUNTRY in Washington... sneaky CARROLYN! Carrolyn WAS the partner I was assigned to receive from... we all got a good giggle out of it! And get this DIANE KNEW!!! SNEAKY!
 Back to the INSIDE of the package. Well folks Carrolyn has REALLY spoiled me. There were three lovely hand knitted dish-clothes (LOVE THESE as they last FOREVER), 2 Fat Quarter bundles (1 cats and 1 Christmas/winter), 2 panels (1 cats and 1 Holiday), a really awesome shopping bag that fits over the sides of a shopping cart, and some GREAT cat buttons. I feel like a down right spoiled wretch. GIGGLE!

Yesterday I took the trays of cookies into work and you would have thought I had just shared a Million Dollars with them all. WOW! I guess people really don't bake from scratch anymore. One of the ladies in floral must have came up to me about a dozen times to figure out how I made the dipped pretzels. Perhaps I will post a tutorial on here on how I made them. It's SO EASY!

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  1. Becky...that's so neat. You know I had that kind of a week, too.. I received a really sweet box of goodies from Dorothy at Notes from Memere..another box from my friend Heather...and yet another from my mom ...Three nice big goodie boxes in the mail :) :) The one from Heather wasw the biggest surprises. She and I have been friends since Jr. High..and she told me she was sending me a Christmas card...well, she LIED :) :) It was full of so many cute little things from a bag to PEZ candy :) :) Your friend is really sweet and the items she sent are AWESOME...very thoughtful!!! Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heahter :) :)

    p.s. I've got to figure out how to share all this on my blog...the stuff my friends sent me :) :)


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