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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I got 3 necklaces made before I ran out of "good" crimping beads. I wrapped the necklaces up and put them with the other wrapped gifts. Perhaps this weekend we will get the house decorated for Christmas; so that I will have a tree to put the gifts under. I don't go nuts with it like a lot of people do. I'd rather spend my time crafting gifts and spending time with people than putting my efforts into decor.... just not me. I do enjoy seeing other people's homes all decked out in glitter and sparkle.

I haven't made it to World Market yet but Scott said that he might like to go over after dinner. So I may make it there yet today. I did go to Jo-Ann's and got some more crimping beads so I can make some more jewelry.  My hours were cut to just 4 tomorrow so I will have more time to sew and craft on stuff then. LOTS to do and my head is swimming with ideas.  I'm making my two youngest nephews some gnome slippers like Patty wrote about on her blog here...
Aren't they cute?! I have one about half knitted and I think they will go over really well with the boys. I'm making some in Vanna's Choice - Olive and Vanna's Choice - Mustard for an Earthy jive. I wish it was an organic yarn but it's at least a softer acrylic that I think will wear well. I'll post photos when I get them completed. And my thanks to Patty for sharing the idea.  

I feel like one of Santa's Elves - LOVING having the time to make all this stuff!

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