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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Add another Round.....

Since I was home not feeling 100% I decided to pull out the two Round Robin's that I recently got in the mail and added my round to them. They are all ready packaged up to be mailed on to the next person so that she can add her round to them. I so enjoy working on these round robin's. 

Actually  this second picture is of a Round Robin from earlier this year and it will be going home to it's center owner. I can hardly wait to hear her response when she gets it in the mail as it has really turned out beautiful.

Now that I've gotten all these quilt swap projects completed and mailed I can really focus on Christmas gifts. Which is a REALLY good thing as I have quite the list written up of things to get made.


  1. These are beautiful! I hope you are feeling better by now.

  2. I was just "ragged out" yesterday and felt like being home where I could rest anytime the urge stuck. I think it's just what I needed as I was able to go in to work today and ended up staying an hour longer than I was scheduled as the lines were really long. I love working on these round robins so much - another one arrived in todays mail. It's of a "Spring" theme with lots of butterflies. I will add my round on Wednesday when I'm off work. I also want to get to the Goodwill closet store where they sell stuff by the pound to see whats in the book heap. My Mom wants "how-to" books for Christmas and she doesn't mind if they are used; in fact she would prefer they were older copies. I also want to get our dog a couple old comforters since she is an outdoor dog and I worry about her being warm enough when the weather is like it is right now.

  3. Here is her response....

    First: I received the most awesome RR from the group. It is sooooooooo wonderful....and has such beautiful work in it. I am so overjoyed with it! As soon as my hubby gets home I will get a pix online. My simple bearpaw block became the three bears and many rounds of the most wonderfully colored blocks, fabrics, awesome applique etc. I can't wait to quilt it and hang it on the wall in our hall. Only I will have to remember to take it down before my daughter comes to visit. Awesome things like that kind of disappear after her visits. :) THIS ONE IS MOM'S! Thank you all so very very much.

    I do believe that she likes it a little. LOL!


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