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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secret Sister Received her Package

My "Secret Sister" received her package yesterday and here is her response....

Santa Clause came from Cayce S.Carolina yesterday  12 beautiful wrapped presents,in this large box,,my hands were full of flour as I was making the tradionnal french meat pies,,I was so excited ,the pies went together real fast .Oh Becky everything is beautiful,,a scarf, fig jam (my favorite),a necklace   and a most beautiful red flower pin ,candy, puzzles,a cute measuring tape,,, thank you so much,,,Merry Christmas to you and your family,,,hugs  Lauraine

I do believe that she enjoyed the goodies! 

I've been working as hard as I could on gifts today and will be up late tonight working on them - will post pictures AFTER Christmas of the things I've making this week and next. Friday I am planning to bake a variety of cookies to take into work Saturday for my co-workers to nibble on all weekend.  We will need the added sugar kick to keep our spirits high as the MADNESS sets in for all those that have waited until the last minute to shop and the loose their minds because we are out of stuff "All ready".... duh it's been in the stores since August. Sorry - will get off that soap box right now.


  1. Hi Becky,

    It does sound like she enjoyed her box.

    I have always wondered why people wait and do last minute madness shopping. And, they say that is the fun part of Christmas shopping..haa. Gerry

  2. I guess what bother's me the most about the last minute folks is how rude and down right hateful they can become. It's the season of caring and sharing and goodwill toward one another. Here's to me keeping my cheerful and helpful disposition until Christmas day!


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