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Sunday, March 08, 2009

What does it mean to turn 45?

Well I'm officially 45 years old... where has the time gone. If I live to be 90 I'm half way there! My hair is nearly all silver, I get tired so much more easily and think naps should be a work requirement. I wish I could shed the 50 extra pounds I'm carrying to save my heart some stress. My Grandma was right - there really are NOT enough hours in a day to get everything I want accomplished. My desire to have things paid off completely is very strong and I want more now than ever to be on our 10 acres feeding chickens and rabbits and working the soil daily. I want to pass my hours sewing for my large extended family making things they can't find anywhere else but from my hands to be cherished and passed on to their children. I want to watch the sunrise every morning from a porch swing or rocker and to also find my self there every evening to watch the sun set. I want to read more fiction and less work related material. Living this high stress fast paced life isn't something I desire to do for more than another 2 to 5 years.... preferably only 2 or 3 years. I definitely don't want to be pushing this hard when I'm 50. I'm thankful to be alive and am looking forward to many more years ahead of me.

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