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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Wicked Headache Morning

I was awoke by a wicked headache and my left ear feels totally plug up. OUCH! I'm hoping sitting up will help it drain so the headache will let up soon. The smell of coffee brewing is wonderful and Tesla is making little cat noises - he has all ready had his breakfast - it's like he is welcoming a new day. He keeps checking the window to see if Nick has come home - I think he does that knowing Nick will be let in for his breakfast and with any luck Tesla will be able to snitch some.

Scott is sleeping peacefully at the moment; another reason for me to be out here as I couldn't lay still in the bed. Yesterday Scott vacuumed Greg's floor clear of sanding residue so that he can stain it; perhaps today. We are both ready to have this project truly over and hopefully this time it will go better as we have new clear coat and Scott is going to seal it before he clear coats it this time to be sure the stain and clear coat don't react badly to each other. Greg will be home mid-April and we want to have his room back together when he gets here. Which means I also need to get busy on the curtains/drapes for in his room. Perhaps I will work on those today.

I watched I Am Legend last night - What a depressing movie. Time to get in some Comedies!

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