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Sunday, March 01, 2009

March 1rst and SNOW?

There is snow in our forecast for tonight and I have to be at the store at 8 AM tomorrow, I'm hoping that the snow is a mistake. There is a LOT to be accomplished at that store... what a MESS! Baby steps done quickly is what I need to get accomplished. LOTS of bad behaviors to change and lots of organization to get set in place so that the store will run smoothly from now on. OH and I need two more key holders - one being a receiving manager. AND our Inventory is in 4 days! What a way to start a new job.

It's raining now and I am hearing thunder in the distance. I'm enjoying a quiet morning with a cat on my lap... he got me up at 5 AM this morning. I guess he likes these early mornings and has decided that it is something that he is more than willing to go along with... even on my day off. I may need to catch my own cat nap later today.

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