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Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's my day off and I'm taking it!

I am taking this entire day off to myself... I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I'm loosing perspective and need to rest and regroup at least once a week. I've got to listen to my body more closely this time around.

The cats are playing and I am hoping that they don't disturb Scott as he is still trying to sleep. I just woke up at 4:30 with a bad dream and could not get back to sleep, so I made a pot of coffee and have been cruising around the web. "You can make this" has new patterns on their website and Lion Brand yarn is doing a crochet a long for an awesome jacket that I'd love to make. I've printed off the instructions and will look and see what I have in my stash that maybe I could substitute for the yarn they call for in the pattern. I'm trying to use from my stash MORE - it's so hard when there are so many wonderful projects out there waiting to be made.

The weather is supposed to turn back cold for the weekend. We've been leaving windows open since the weather has been so nice - not too hot or too cold. I guess we will be closing them up by Friday. The spring blooms are everywhere though so it won't be too long before warm/hot weather is here to stay.

I need to make myself some spring dresses to wear everyday. Something quick, easy and just pull-on out of cute spring fabrics. Or maybe some funky tie dye fabrics.... hmmmmm I think I have about 8 yards of tie dye fabric - I could make 2 or 3 for me and perhaps one of two for my niece, Abby. HHHMMMmmmm....

I have new books coming in from Amazon - hopefully today - 2 are on vegetable gardening and one is on Amigurimi crochet (probably spelled incorrectly). The whole reason I wanted the book is for the stuffed cat on the cover - isn't that awful!?

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