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Monday, March 23, 2009

Allergies or a nasty head-cold?

I am feeling rotten this morning, I've developed a rotten head cold I do believe. And I've got to go into work today... a long day too but I'll manage. I'm so looking forward to Friday when Scott and I will have the whole day to spend together at the AWA Meet in Charlotte. Scott is going to sell off a bunch of his Antique radio collection as he has lost interest in rebuilding them and is ready to let someone else enjoy them. We have a few that we both really like and he will one day get them back in operational order so we can use them in the house. He is so talented at making them run and look like new again.

AH COFFEE sounds ready. I need to drink a bunch of water before I go into work too as I am so dehydrated at the moment. And a hot steamy shower sure would make breathing more pleasant this morning. I wish I had some of those tablets you drop in the shower that releases mentholated vapors.

Time for breakfast - the shower helped by my head still feels like crud.

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