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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rainy Sunday!

I'm off today but have work that I have to get done sometime today as I have to send a report to my boss tomorrow - got the notes just need to get it all typed up and emailed to her. Hopefully it is detailed enough but it probably won't be.

I just dragged the laundry out to the laundry room - I wish the washer and dryer were just in the bathroom where we remove our clothes or somewhere near the bedrooms where they end up after washing. People that draw up house plans sure don't think enough about "functionality" or "simplicity" - why anyone would ever put the laundry in the kitchen or out in the garage is beyond me... near the back door would be good if you had access to a clothes line but couldn't that also be close to a bathroom and the bedrooms? HHHHMMMMMmmm.... jutting down for future plans. Climbing My. Laundry today - will be using the dryer as there is no sun.

With the rain falling the past two days the flowers and trees are really putting on a show in the neighborhood. We are to go over to Scott's Moms' in awhile for corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day dinner... early; and I will drag the camera along to see if I can get some pictures between rain showers. Of course the blooms also mean allergy season is upon us big time - could be the major cause of my awful headache. I took an allergy tablet but still have the headache.

My books came in from Amazon yesterday that I ordered for Scott to give me for my birthday. The package was sitting on the porch all night as he didn't see it out there as it was right up next to the house and not visible unless you opened the door.

I'm going to enjoy these IMMENSELY! THANKS SCOTT!

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